Be an expert to be able to suggest the best solution to your customers

What should an installer do to start to work in energy storage market?

He should spend a few days of his time to:

  • search and study the solutions already present in the market
  • choose some of them
  • go to the official producer academies, probably in a so far city, to participate at training sessions, if the producers organize that!
  • try the selected solutions in his first installations.

On the contrary, by participating in one of our roadshow, the closest to his city, he will can understand the market, the functionalities and the way to sell the right storage system.

We are testing more systems existing in the market to compare and select the best solutions of battery storage systems, in this way we can offer a fully integrated choice.

  • The Storage Experts

    We selected the best solutions present in the market for energetic storage

  • A concrete and real comparison

    We continuously test and compare the selected products in order to offer a fully informed choice

  • The answers to your customers doubts

    With our project you will be able to answer to 90% of the requests about residential storage of your customers

  • Live Testing & Commissioning

    We simulate a real photovoltaic system and we make the commissioning of the various solutions

Attending our courses, installers and designers will be able to answer to 90% of requests about residential storage of their customers.

We open our roadshow explaining the core aspects of this business, like the local regulations, the reasons to install a storage system and which technical solutions are present in the market.

After that, we start to introduce the selected solutions that we chose and after company and product presentation, we simulate a real photovoltaic system.

We also perform the configuration and the commissioning of different solutions.

As you can understand for us it is very complicated to bring real storage systems during our roadshow but it is the core of our mission, one of the real additional value of this course for our customers.